So chances are big you've already heard the word induction.

For example, the principle of induction is used in induction cookers which are products developed actually not that long ago.


IcyBear's ColdEnd uses the same system to bring the Hotend to working temperature in under 20 seconds!


Interested in any technical parts?
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This is a blueprint of the currently developed  induction hotend.


Overview of all the parts and measurements are given here.

We'll go into more detail later on!

So, we aren't reinventing the wheel here.

The principles of induction were discovered long ago.


But, we've discovered that it's our job to start a small revolution in 3D-Printing by modifying one of the most important parts of a printer:

The Hotend.

You can be...

... more productive:

At current state of development, we're able to increase the nozzle's temperature by 200 °C in just under 20 seconds.

The best part is: It doesn't take much longer to reach the maximum temperature of ~300 °C!

... more precise:

The combination of a small nozzle paired with an overwhelming amount of heating-power, while still being more effective,

lets you control your temperatures very precise.


You will receive exactly the same results every time you print an object.

... modern

We develop our products to be time-related at any point.

One example:

[Click on image to enlarge]

Current design of the ColdEnd.


The green rings we talked about above are available in other colors, too!

[Click on image to enlarge]

A quick word about thermistor compatibility

If you decide to support us by pre-ordering the ColdEnd, don't worry about thermistor compatibility:

Any Pre-Ordered (e.g. IndoGoGo-Support) ColdEnd comes with different, interchangable thermistors:

4.7kΩ, 10 KΩ, 100kΩ.

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How does it work?

It's easy to understand:

By inducing an alternating voltage into a cooper coil, a fast-changing magnetic field ist created inside that coil.

This causes any Ferrum-based material to heat up without direct contact to any parts.

In our case, that material would be the Nozzle.


As described above, we're able to heat-up the Hotend extremely fast, but because the small nozzle is the only metal part that is heated up,
the system also gives us some impressive numbers in a cool-down event.

Here, the three main components are described in more detail.


In this case, the cooper coil is referred to as Primary winding, because there are secondary ones in the electronics-compartement.

[Click on image to enlarge]

Another quick word about compatibility

Above, we've described thermistor compatibility.

But what's with powering the ColdEnd?

Our ColdEnd will have two connections for power:

  1. Positive 12 or 24 volts (auto-detection)
  2. Negative (Ground)
So it's the most simple way it's ever gonna work.

As you probably could imagine, it's impossible to make the ColdEnd compatible to all Extruders.


In fact, this isn't even our goal!

You'll most likely encounter no hardware-issues, but some "Off-the-shelf" Printers use special heat sensors, protocols or other electronical blockades to prevent you from mounting the ColdEnd to their Extruders.


What we want

is to create an open-source product which anyone, especially manifacturers of 3D Printers, can adopt and/or modify to their needs.

We just want to show the world that it's possible and give them the kick they need to adopt it.


Questions about compatibility?

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You can be one of the first people to ever hold a ColdEnd in your own hands!


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